Freedom of Religion in China

This book PDF is perfect for those who love Political Science genre, written by Asia Watch Committee (U.S.) and published by Human Rights Watch which was released on 01 February 1992 with total hardcover pages 112. You could read this book directly on your devices with pdf, epub and kindle format, check detail and related Freedom of Religion in China books below.

Freedom of Religion in China
Author : Asia Watch Committee (U.S.)
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Publisher : Human Rights Watch
Language : English
Release Date : 01 February 1992
ISBN : 1564320502
Pages : 112 pages

Freedom of Religion in China by Asia Watch Committee (U.S.) Book PDF Summary

V. Arrests and Trials

Divine Justice

This book considers the ways in which religious beliefs and practices have contributed to the formation of Chinese legal culture. It does so by describing two forms of overlap between religion and the law: the ideology of justice and the performance of judicial rituals. One of the most important conceptual

Christian Social Activism and Rule of Law in Chinese Societies

The historical analysis, theological reflections, and sociological observations found in the chapters of Christian Social Activism and Rule of Law in Chinese Societies reveal the vibrant influence of Christian individuals and groups on social, political, and legal activism in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and diasporic communities.

Religion and Law in China

Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this convenient resource provides systematic information on how China deals with the role religion plays or can play in society, the legal status of religious communities and institutions, and the legal interaction among religion, culture, education, and media. After a general

Chinese Religious Life

Offering an introduction to religion in contemporary China, the essays in this volume consider many diverse themes including religion in urban, rural and ethnic minority settings and the historical, sociological, economic and political aspects of religion on the country as a whole.

Handbook on Religion in China

Informative and eye-opening, the Handbook on Religion in China provides a uniquely broad insight into the contemporary Chinese variations of Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. In turn, China's own religions and transmissions of rites and systems of divination have spread beyond China, a progression that is explored in detail across 19 chapters,

State and Religion in China

In State and Religion in China, Anthony Yu takes a fresh look at Chinese religion and its relation to politics. He argues, against those who claim that Chinese politics has been traditionally secular, or even that the Chinese traditionally had no religion that religion has deep roots in the Chinese