Sociology in Brazil

This book PDF is perfect for those who love Social Science genre, written by Veridiana Domingos Cordeiro and published by Springer which was released on 30 March 2019 with total hardcover pages 111. You could read this book directly on your devices with pdf, epub and kindle format, check detail and related Sociology in Brazil books below.

Sociology in Brazil
Author : Veridiana Domingos Cordeiro
File Size : 42,8 Mb
Publisher : Springer
Language : English
Release Date : 30 March 2019
ISBN : 9783030104399
Pages : 111 pages
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Sociology in Brazil by Veridiana Domingos Cordeiro Book PDF Summary

This book provides an overview of the institutional and intellectual development of sociology in Brazil from the early 1900s to the present day; through military coups, dictatorships and democracies. It charts the profound impact of sociology on Brazilian public life and how, in turn, upheavals in the history of the country and its universities affected its scientific agenda. This engaging account highlights the extent of the discipline’s colonial inheritance, its early institutionalization in São Paulo, and its congruent rise and fall during repeated regime changes. The authors’ analysis draws on original research that maps the concentration of research interests, new developments, publications and centers of production in Brazilian sociology, using qualitative and quantitative data. It concludes with a reflection on the potential impact of the recent far-right turn in Brazilian politics on the future of the discipline. This book contributes a valuable country study to the history of sociology and will appeal to a range of social scientists in addition to scholars of disciplinary historiography, intellectual and Brazilian history.

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